Player Column – Jarrod Parry Cory Dell'Olio Tribute

Saturday, June 2, 2018 - 1:47 PM by Jarrod Parry

IT will be an exciting WA Day on Monday for our big clash against East Fremantle. Even more special to celebrate Cory Dell’Olio’s 100th game for the South Fremantle Football Club. 

It’s a fantastic achievement to play 100 games for a terrific club, but even more special after the many years it has taken to reach this number. Through the ups and downs of being on an AFL list, getting delisted, then suspended for a year – anyone would find it difficult to stay positive and stick at doing something they are good at. The perseverance shown by Del is a real credit to his attitude and the type of person he is. 

Del finds the balance between training, playing, working and socialising really well. Once crossing that white line, for training or playing, it’s business as per usual, leading by example as this big barrel chested Italian shuffles his way around the ground. I believe the smaller the player, the more popular they are with the fans. It’s unsure why, maybe it’ the short fuse and small-man-syndrome they suffer from. This fiery attitude is what his teammates love. 

On the field, on game day, he’s the type of player that will always have your back, his physicality and passion towards supporting his teammates makes him the ultimate team player. Along with his ability to kick goals consistently, and some you cannot believe how, makes Del as an exciting player you will get to watch. 

That was highlighted recently by his half volley soccer goal from 25m out (maybe 40m+) against East Perth in Round 7. I won’t go into any more detail about that goal as not making goal of the round nominations is still a sensitive spot. 

The experience Del has brought back from playing AFL has been massive for the rest of the playing group. His knowledge of the game is something I believe is underrated. Such a smart footballer with and without ball in hand. Many of the younger players look up to him for this exact reason and I know the young small forwards are learning a lot in their few years at the club. 

Off the field, you will see a more relaxed person, who loves a chat. Much of the time when he gets really excited he talks very fast which makes it difficult to understand, something Brock Higgins can be a testament too. Del enjoys his morning coffee of Italian blended espresso, and a casual beer in the afternoon. This comes back to finding the perfect balance in being a semi-professional footballer in the WAFL system.

As a premiership player, to now have his name on the No. 3 locker with some of South Fremantle’s past greats is a tremendous achievement. 

I am sure the boys will do everything on WA Day to make it a memorable day for Del in his milestone game. 

While being an unbelievable player, along with an awesome teammate, everyone is wishing you all the best for the day and good luck.

Hopefully we see a big crowd on WA Day for what should be a terrific game!

Go Dogs. 

Jarrod Parry